Rock-climbing wall equipment

A rock-climbing wall is a vertical or sloping wall, with special patterns and hooks meant to simulate the surface of a rock. The first climbing walls emerged in the early 20th century as concrete structures with stone brows as a part of the mountaineering training program. It was not before the late 20th century that climbing walls were built in the way we see them now. During several last decades, the climbing walls have been steadily growing in popularity all over the world. In Ukraine, climbing wall construction  has been developing actively for the last 10 years.

A climber’s safety at the climbing wall facility can be ensured in several ways:

Soft mattresses placed under the climbing wall. This way is only good for low climbing walls, boulders, and it requires the climber to have good skills of proper landing.
Ropes and belay (descending) devices. This way is good for walls of any height, but it requires to have an extra member of staff, well-trained in this job, to work with the safety equipment.
Auto belay for climbing walls . The device responds automatically when the climber finishes the climbing route.

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TRUBLUE auto belay

69,430.00 грн.

TRUBLUE climbing wall auto belay by American company Head Rush Technologies is a real treasure for both commercial climbing attractions and mountaineering training facilities. TRUBLUE is based on the principle of magnetic braking, which excludes any chances for belay elements to wear out because of friction.