Rope jumping equipment

Rope jumping is the attraction for real adrenaline seekers dreaming to overcome their fear while standing on the edge of an abyss, and experience the breathtaking adventure of free fall. It takes extensive knowledge of rope jumping techniques, detailed calculation of structural loads for the attraction elements, and extraordinary skills in using rock-climbing equipment to organize a rope jumping facility properly.

Free fall device QUICKjump will save you lots of trouble connected with organizing rope-jumping attractions. Easy to mount and use, QUICKjump by American company Head Rush Technologies could be an element of your adventure park, or an amazing standalone attraction.

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Free fall device QUICKjump

99,460.00 грн.

With the free fall device QUICKjump, you can organize rope jumping from the height of 12 meters. After jumping down, the person is caught by the safety system based on the principle of magnetic braking  and slowly brings them down.

Free fall device QUICKjump XL

114,680.00 грн.

Get an impressive extreme entertainment park running in a matter of hours with the free fall device, QUICKjump XL. QUICKjump equipment  is easy to mount and maintain, and magnetic braking works equally nicely and softly with children of 20 kg or adults weighing up to 130 kg.